The SKIFF laser riser allows users to mount their laser directly to Unity FAST Micro mounts (including the Micro-S) removing the need for a modified grip on 12.5″ and shorter barrel platforms. This allows the use of pressure pads and tape switches on the rail without blocking the laser functions or causing direct shadowing.

Riser height has been specifically designed to accommodate all popular lasers at their maximum illuminator divergence while also minimizing illumination splash onto the platform.

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The SKIFF DBAL model adds the DBAL pattern mount to the rail allowing for standard devices to be used as well as a DBAL direct mount**. This allows a DBAL pattern laser to sit 1/4″ lower than on the standard SKIFF model. This model is not idea for normal lasers as the cutout reduces recoil lug lockup, only buy this if you are using a DBAL pattern device.

Optic FOV Occlusion (Aimpoint Micro***):

L3 PEQ-15 or LA-5: Lower 1/5th
L3 NGAL: Lower 1/10th
Surefire XVL2: Lower 1/4th
Steiner DBAL A3 or A2: Lower 1/3th
Steiner DBAL D2: Lower 1/2rd
Steiner CQBL: Lower 1/5th
Wilcox RaidX: Lower 1/8th


Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum – Hard Anodized

Weight: 2.32oz (66g)

Included Hardware: 8-32 Bolt (IP25 Drive) 35 in-lb, 10-32 Bolt (IP25 Drive) 40 in-lb (2)

Instructions: Available Here

Color: Black, FDE and Clear

Made in the USA


Length: 3.96″ (101mm)

Width: 0.83″ (21mm)

Height: 0.96″ (25mm)

Height Above Rail Surface: 1.00″ (25.4mm)


*The SKIFF does not include any Unity FAST Micro mount and requires one to function, grab one here.
**Steiner DBAL/OTAL direct mount torque spec: 40 in-lb.
***Sig Romeo 4T and similar optics reduce laser occlusion by 1/5th due to their taller optical centerline.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in

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    Solid mount, very lightweight and easy to install.

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