GSA (Grip, Short) is a slightly shortened pistol grip with improved ergonomics for the AR15/M16 platform, it’s designed primarily for SBRs.

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Largely based on the A2 TDP specs, GSA is available in GSA2 (with finger groove on the front strap), or GSA1 (without finger groove).  Shortened by 0.375″, GS retains the A2’s 25 degree angle.  We added angled thumb shelves on both sides of the grip for improved ergonomics and grip retention over the A2 grip.
  • GSA is designed for shorter weapons, its shorter length means it will not fit large hands.  Generally speaking, GSA is a great fit if the user’s hand is 4 inch wide or less.
  • Both GSA versions are flared at the bottom of the front strap, and serrated on the front and rear straps.  The sides don’t have the cross hatch panels found on the A2, but they are not smooth, as the material itself has a semi rough texture for traction.
  • Like the A2, GS doesn’t have storage.  There are plenty of AR15/M16 grips with storage feature, GS is meant to be an A2 replacement, hence it’s kept many of the A2’s design choices such as single piece, non-modular design, grip angle and absence of storage.  For ourselves, we don’t want to make the AR into a storage platform, there are other, and often better places to store things than the pistol grip.
  • GSA does not come with a grip screw

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in

2 reviews for FORWARD CONTROLS DESIGN, GSA2 (Grip, Short)

  1. elhayzerian (verified owner)

    Added it to my dissapator build. For me its asthetically i really like it. Maybe slightly slim but not in a uncomfortable way. Feels good. You can really get high up on the grip and the notches allow for thumb placement.

  2. Jason Borja (verified owner)

    Purchased this for a build I’m doing as an updated retro blood diamond build and it fits the aesthetic perfectly!

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