Forward Controls Design Hodge Low Snag Forward Assist (LSFA)


The Low Snag Forward Assist features an enhanced contour to reduce the possibility of snagging.

The advent of the ambidextrous charging handle, along with other ambidextrous controls, is a boon for AR15/M16 users, but it is not without unintended consequences.

The forward assist rim is in the path of the user’s fingernail or knuckle if he uses the right handle of the charging handle to load/reload, the user can easily snag on the rim. Our solution is a rimless forward assist (LDFA), available since 2015. LDFA does away with the rim found on the A2 forward assist. As the FA isn’t an often used control, the design forgoes the surface area offered by the rim and deems the smaller footprint justified.

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Hodge Defense Systems Inc. (HDSI) has similar ideas but has a different execution, the forward assist on its Mod2 shares similarities with the A1 teardrop forward assist.

HDSI likes the increased surface area the A1 teardrop forward assist provides while remaining snag free for ambidextrous charging handle users.

LSFA (Low Snag Forward Assist) is the result of the collaboration between FCD and HDSI. With Jordan’s input, the design incorporates attributes from both the LDFA and Mod2 forward assist. It has a smooth top and bottom to mitigate snagging, and increased plunger surface area, with its pad extending inward, towards the bore, creating a forward assist with the surface area Jim likes, and the low probability of snagging important to FCD. LSFA is a fusion of previous FCD and HDSI designs, from two companies known for their meticulous attention to detail and focus on duty grade, hard use weapons and components.

We are confident LSFA will serve ambidextrous charging handle users that want, and use, a forward assist on their duty and defense AR15/M16.

CNC Billet construction, LSFA is machined from 4130 steel bar stock, heat treated with black nitride finish.

Proudly designed and made in Texas, USA.

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9 reviews for Forward Controls Design Hodge Low Snag Forward Assist (LSFA)

  1. isaiahaspence (verified owner)

    The quality of machining is very evident, even from such a small part. Though I rarely use it, this is definitely an improvement over the standard forward assist design, and, in situations where it is necessary, may actually make a difference.

  2. xragingxninjax (verified owner)

    It may never be used but having it and not needing it is better then needing it and not having it. Fcd lsfa is a must add to any new build. Clean looks that don’t get in the way of functionality and as always apes shipping is lightning fast.

  3. davidwzimmer (verified owner)

    Love me some Forward Controls Design. I’ve ran this forward assist on two builds now and it’ll probably be my go to. It just looks a step above a standard and works even better with the surface area and design.

  4. mmh2185 (verified owner)

    The perfect finishing touch for any build. Form and function is superb as it is with any Forward Controls product.

  5. LetYaMeatHang (verified owner)

    If you want to pay attention to the little details on a build, and forward assist rounds in the chamber in the most drippiest way. Its-4-U.

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